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Some Of The Should Ask Questions

Q.How do I find the best college or university that fits me?

Getting ready to apply for college can feel daunting, especially with so many major decisions to make. Where you go to college will affect the type of education you get, the people you meet, and the opportunities that you have access to. That seems like a lot, but don’t worry! You can ease this process by approaching Eminence advice. As we do extensive research over the list of universities and colleges that will suit you the best.

Q. My problem is _______. How would you go about treating that?

This is pretty straightforward. Of course, you have to know what your problem is, but even describing symptoms would help. “My problems are insomnia, worry, and anger outbursts. How would you treat that?” At Eminence Advice, the best personal counselors will respond to you with something that will resonate with your game plan or will make sense so you’re willing to adopt a new game plan. The most important thing is that our counselors are able to describe their process in a way that you can understand it.

Q.Can't we resolve my issues faster?

Everybody's different. It may take quite a long time to work through trauma, and that can be difficult. But ideally, you would see some measurable progress each month. If you feel things are stagnant, bring it up. Is there something you're doing unconsciously that's leaving you stuck? Discuss it with our personal counselors and they will come up with a solution to it.

Q. How do I proceed with my career counseling?

Your first meeting is a great starting point in enlisting the help of your career expert, but be sure to leave the meeting knowing what the next steps are. It may be your turn to update your resume or look at some companies, or it may be time to schedule a follow-up appointment to continue the discussion. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask to meet with your career counselor throughout your search process—remember, that’s what they are there for!

Q. "How can I show I have experience if I don’t have direct experience?"

I get this question from a lot of students with limited or no prior internship experience in a particular industry—and it’s a great one to ask. Talk to your counselor about the specific types of positions you’re after, as well as how you can leverage extracurricular, volunteer, on-campus, and academic experiences to make the case to a hiring manager that you’re a good fit. Many employers are willing to hire and train the right candidate if they can demonstrate strong communication skills, drive, intelligence, professionalism, and other valuable soft skills—it’s just a matter of positioning.

Q. "How does my resume look?"

Our counselors know what makes a resume stand out to employers, so bring a copy of yours to the meeting and enlist their feedback. Even if it’s still a work in progress, that’s OK. Bring a draft, or even a list of all your experiences and activities—from your internships to being a publicity chair in a volunteer club on-campus to spending your summers as a lifeguard. Counselors can help you craft experience descriptions that draw attention to the skills and personal qualities you have that employers are seeking.?

Q.How can I make the most out of my strengths?

Plenty of graduates, job entrants and job changers only know what they are functionally good at i.e. being good at coding, filling out balance sheets, writing content, etc. but lack the identification of soft skills that are often overlooked.Our career counselors can help you identify your soft skill strengths such as your communication skills, ability to work in a team, negotiation skills, attention to detail, data analysis.Knowing your strengths is not enough though, as you also need to know how to articulate them to employers. There are career assessments that a career counselor may recommend which can be used to identify your strengths, but after that it would be advisable to get a bit of guidance on how to show these strengths whether at an interview, in a cover letter, at a careers fair or an elevator pitch.